John L. Tobin
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  • A lawyer serving Charlestown and eastern Massachusetts, John L. Tobin is happy to help those needing legal and real estate brokerage services.


    Buying or selling a home? Creating a condominium? Developing real estate? Do you need zoning relief or do you oppose zoning relief for a project in your neighborhood? Do you have a landlord tenant issue? Need to incorporate a business or charity? Collect a debt or have a contract issue? Write a will or probate an estate? Do you need to appear before an administrative body? Litigate a matter? Do you just need some good advice from a lawyer before you decide what to do?

    These are a few of the areas in which John L. Tobin can assist you. He has conducted hundreds of real estate closings for financial institutions as well as representing buyers and sellers. He is a real estate broker and can assist you in the sale/purchase of property as well as doing the legal work. He has created numerous condominiums. He sued the Commonwealth to keep skating rinks open and as a result of his efforts the state relented, kept the rinks open and thousands of kids were able to continue to skate. He was involved in numerous jury trials as an Assistant District Attorney and won a jury verdict against a major bank as a result of its cashing checks by a larcenous employee. He appears before various administrative bodies.


    John L. Tobin is also a licensed real estate broker in Massachusetts and can help your sell your home for a low rate for both real estate and legal services. While concentrating on properties in Charlestown, Massachusetts, if you are thinking of selling your home contact him to discuss how he can assist you in selling and saving money in the process.  He will provide a free market analysis of your home’s value to start the process.


    John L. Tobin is a notary public.